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The most common mistakes of beginner Mac users and how to avoid them.
Beginner Mac users usually make silly mistakes. Here are the most common ones and some tips on how to avoid them:1.    Run a program from a DMG file instead of installing it.This is by far the most frequent... read more
How to deal with files on Mac OS X?
Mac OS X's file manager is called Finder, and it's quite similar to Windows Explorer. To open a Finder window you must click on its icon on the dock, or double-click the icon of any... read more
Where Mac OS X stores its applications?
There is no equivalent to Windows "Start Menu" on Mac OS X. To open an application you must double-click its icon inside Mac OS X's Applications folder. A Finder... read more
How to transfer a DVD movie to an iPhone or iPod Video?
In order to convert a DVD movie so you can watch it on your iPhone or iPod you will need HandBrake, an excellent (and free) video converter available at this link. Once you have downloaded it and... read more
How to setup an e-mail account on the Mac?
Apple Mail is the name of Mac OS X's native mail client, and it is quite similar to Microsoft Outlook Express. To set up an email account on Apple Mail, do... read more
Why Mac OS X keeps asking for my password so many times?
Unfortunately, there's no solution for that. It's that annoying popup window that guarantees your Mac's security. A popup window appears every time you perform an... read more
How to remove a Windows partition created by BootCamp?
If you've installed Windows XP or Windows Vista using BootCamp (as described above) and changed your mind later, don't worry, it takes just a couple of minutes to get everything back to the way it was.... read more
How to right-click using the Mighty Mouse?
The Mighty Mouse is a stylized mouse created by Apple. Differing from conventional mouses, the Mighty Mouse practically has no buttons, working through pressure detectors instead. The ... read more
How to take a snapshot of the screen?
In some circumstances, it may be helpful to "take a picture" of the current screen contents - you may want to keep record of complex configuration settings, capture a film ... read more
Where can I get album artworks for the music tracks in my iTunes library?
iTunes has a very interesting feature, which is the possibility of showing the album cover of the song currently been played. This feature allows you to look for a specific... read more